Lab Members

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Shaina-RussellDr Shaina Russell (2022-2024) – Shaina will conduct her post doc research with the Yirralka Rangers of the Laynhapuy IPA on the ARCLP21 Warrakan Djama project. She will explore new cross-cultural methods for remotely assessing biocultural fauna diversity using camera traps across the vast Laynhapuy IPA in north east Arnhem Land

Research Associate

Mr Nick Crameri (2021-2023) – Nick is working on the ARCLP20 “Can tropical coastal floodplains survive ferals and rising seas” in collaboration with the Yirralka Rangers and several members of the School of Natural Sciences.

PhD students (past and present)

shainaDr Shaina Russell (completed 2020) – Shaina conducted collaborative research with the TNC funded Ngukurr Yangbala Grup (Young people’s group) to study the microbial contamination and human health impacts of feral ungulates (buffalo and pig) on freshwater systems of the South East Arnhem Land Indigenous Protected Area.

michelleDr Michelle McKemey (completed 2021) – Michelle studied cross-cultural fire management on the New England Tablelands with the Wattleridge Indigenous Protected Area (Banbai Rangers) and adjoining Warra National Park, as well as in Arnhem Land with the Yugul Mangi Rangers. She was based at the University of New England and was also supervised by: Prof Nick Reid (UNE), Dr Mal Ridges (OEH/UNE), Dr John Hunter and Oliver Costello.

daniel sloaneDaniel Sloane – Daniel collaborates with the Yirralka Rangers of the Laynhapuy Indigenous Protected Area in north east Arnhem Land and is investigating the drivers of coastal floodplain forest change. He is using mixed methods including ecology, remote sensing and cultural knowledge to better understand the effects of feral ungulates and sea level rise on coastal vegetation and soils and what this means for local Indigenous people.

Patrick Cooke – Patrick is an Indigenous PhD student researching Indigenous knowledge around prehistoric dispersal of rainforest trees between Cape York and northern NSW. He began his PhD research in mid 2018 and is supported by ARC18 “How did those trees get there?” His cultural knowledge PhD dovetails with the genetics of Monica Fahey’s PhD (see below). He is co-supervised by Dr Michael Chang, (MQU), Gerry Turpin (JCU) and Darren Crayn (JCU).

monicaMonica Fahey – Monica started her PhD in mid 2019 and is investigating the genetics of prehistoric rainforest tree dispersal in conjunction with Patrick Cooke (above). She is also supported by ARCDP18 “How did those trees get there” and is co-supervised by Dr Maurizio Rossetto (Principal Scientist, Sydney Botanic Gardens and Herbarium).

bridgetBridget Campbell – Bridget started her PhD in 2021 and is working with the Yirralka Rangers of north east Arnhem Land to explore the biocultural conservation of “walking animals”. Her work will form part of the ARCDP21 “Warrakan Djama: Developing new biocultural approaches to fauna conservation”

Masters (Research)/Honours students (past and present):

Oscar Jones (2023). Masters thesis – Developing a cross-cultural framework to prioritise areas for wetland restoration on Indigenous land in northern Australia.

Ilona Papp (2022-2023). Masters thesis – Ngalingali Koorie (Petrogale purpureicollis): Diet, habitat, threats, management and Yalarrnga Indigenous knowledge.

Renee Cawthorne (Indigenous Masters, completed 2022) Thesis: Indigenising the Australian University Science Curriculum.

Gabrielle Brennan (completed 2022, CDU). Honours thesis: Indigenous Women’s Knowledge of Fire in Central Arnhem Land.

Bridget Campbell (completed 2020) Masters thesis: Mapping Indigenous and Western knowledge of declining small mammal species in the Laynhapuy Indigenous Protected Area, remote northern Australia.

Sabina Rysnik-Steck (completed 2020). Masters thesis: Developing a risk and priority profile for Aboriginal cultural sites on the foreshore on Sydney Harbour in relation to sea level rise and boat activity.

Kataya Barrett (Indigenous Masters, completed 2020). Thesis: Cross Cultural Approach to Coastal and Marine Protected Area Design in south-eastern New South Wales.

Daniel Sloane (completed 2017) Masters thesis: An eco-cultural investigation of Melaleuca spp. dieback in north east Arnhem land, Australia. 

Rukshana Sultana (completed 2019) Masters thesis: Indigenous Eco-Cultural Knowledge of Freshwater Turtles in South East Arnhem Land, Australia.

Previous Lab members

Ben Kitchener – Indigenous Research Assistant (previously Indigenous cadet) working on the east Arnhem Land cross-cultural biodiversity project (Citizen Science Grant)

Budjarn Lambeth – Indigenous cadet working on databases and GIS mapping across a range of Lab projects.